Saving Money on Moving and Storage

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August 14, 2012 by storageandmovers

An inevitable process that many people have to go through, as frequently as on an annual basis, is moving from one place to the next.  While moving can be very time consuming and physically exhausting, the process of moving from one place to the next and putting personal items into storage can also be pretty expensive.  Luckily, there are several moving and storage tips that could be followed to help save a lot of money.

Consider Your Exact Needs
One of the best ways to save money on moving and storage is to carefully consider your needs.  When people are moving and storing their belongings, many people often over-estimate exactly how much space they will actually need.  This will then result in then renting a truck or storage space that is much larger than what they need.  While this will eliminate the risk of running out of space, many people will end up spending too much money on wasted storage or moving space.  Also, when looking to move personal belongings into a storage space, people will have the option of renting a temperature-controlled unit, which often costs far more than a standard unit. If your items are not sensitive to temperature extremes, then spending the money on a climate-controlled unit would not be a necessity.

Move During the Week
When moving, most people will try to rent their truck or hire their moving service for a weekend move date.  Because of the increased demand, moving companies will often charge a premium for people that want to move on a Saturday or Sunday.  Another popular time in most cities is around the first and last days of every month, when many apartment leases rollover.  If you can schedule your move during a less popular moving day, you will likely receive a more affordable quote from the local moving companies.

Do Your Own Work
The cheapest way for most people to move would be to move all of their personal items on their own. Unfortunately, people that are moving far distances or have a lot of furniture will find that this is impossible and hiring a professional mover is the only option.  While many people will have to hire a professional mover, people could still save a lot of money by doing a lot of their own work.  For example, if you box up all of your personal items and have them prepared to be moved before the movers arrive, it will reduce the amount of time that the movers have to spend in your home, which will reduce the overall cost.

Like many other service providers, moving companies are often willing to negotiate with their customers.  During tougher economies, moving companies are even more flexible with their pricing.  One of the best ways to negotiate would be to receive multiple bids for the move, and then use the bids to negotiate with the various moving companies.  This could often result in a twenty percent or more reduction to the total cost.


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