Seasonal Storage Tips For Homeowners

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September 10, 2012 by storageandmovers

Homeowners know better than anyone that the accumulation of seasonal stuff is inevitable. Every season, we need to dig out the new and put away the old. Sometimes we just can’t find the holiday decorations; they aren’t where we thought they were. Sometimes, we wish we’d taken better care of our beach towels through the winter. If we’re disorganized, it adds to the stress of the new season. How can we organize our attics, basements, cellars and garages to find our seasonal items easier?

Consider the storage area. Is it damp? Is it too hot? The conditions of the area, whether attic, basement, cellar or garage, needs to be considered when putting away your possessions. Make sure all bins are up off the floor, that nothing touches damp cellar walls and that delicates are not exposed to extreme heat or cold. It’s better to be aware of your storage areas conditions than to neglect this and have to replace precious items.

Consider your containers. Plastic bins with sealable lids are a far better choice than cardboard boxes. Plastic bins can be stacked easier, are uniform shape for better organization, and can keep out moisture. Cardboard boxes, while cheaper, can be ruined by moisture. They can also be easily crushed under weight of other boxes.

Consider the timing. What do you need and how often do you need it? Holiday decor and beach gear, and other things that only come out seasonally, should be placed in storage in such a way that they are not underfoot. Yet, they need to be clearly labeled for when the new season arrives. Consider color-coding your seasonal bins. Blue for summer and green for winter. This will keep your family’s decorations and accessories organized and make your seasonal transitions easier.

Consider the items to be stored. Important papers should be filed in air-tight, archive-quality files so that moisture and insects will not destroy them. Photos, especially those that can’t be replaced should have special care. Blankets, bedding and clothing can easily gather mold and mildew. Make sure that these items are sealed in airtight containers and bins and kept in the driest part of your house. No one wants to curl up with a holey, moth-eaten blanket when they feel that first chill of winter.

Consider the layout of your storage area. Ideally, all bins and boxes should be shelved or stacked so that you are able to find seasonal things easily. Clear, specific labels should be attached to each bin and like items should be grouped together to also minimize confusion. Climbing into the attic difficult? Then only put items up there that you need rarely. Put the seasonal items in a room, like the garage or basement, that has better accessibility.

When the season changes, it can be stressful. School is starting again, Christmas is coming, your summer plans are coming together. Reduce the stress by keeping your seasonal items well organized.


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