Ways To Expand Your Space With Storage Containers

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December 5, 2012 by storageandmovers

modern storageWhen there is no longer any space in your home or office due to the accumulation of items, you do have options to make more space. One such option is renting or buying a storage container. It is easy and affordable to acquire a storage container. A moving and storage company that offers storage containers will bring the container right to your location. There are different sizes to choose from to meet your specific storage needs. You can store your container with your items for a few weeks or a few years. You have the only key to your container and the containers are weather, fire, and vermin resistant. If you are need of a the ideal storage solution, below is a list of ways you can expand your space by using storage containers.

Declutter Your Home

Most of us tend to accumulate a lot of items in our homes over the years. Many of the items are important but there may no longer be space to accommodate them. A storage container rental is the ideal way to declutter the home without having to get of rid the items causing the clutter. It is a smart and affordable way to get the home organized, whether it is to make more room or make the home more appealing if you are going to sell it. And, rather than packing and driving a rental truck to a self storage facility and then unloading everything in a self storage unit, you load everything in the container on-site and keep everything right at your location.

Home Remodeling/Renovation

Whether you are going to undertake a large or small home renovation project, storage containers are ideal way to make more space by storing your belongings during the renovation project. It is a secure, safe, clean, and convenient way to store your belongings. You can select the right storage container size to store your items until the project is complete.  Additionally. on-site storage allows for easy accessibility.

Seasonal Storage

When it’s time to pack away your summer or winter gear and wardrobe, rather than putting everything in boxes and storing them in the home where they take up so much space, consider an  airtight storage container. Label each box and store everything in the secure container. You can also store gear and equipment such as a snowblower, shovels, skis, etc. Keep everything safe and secure until the next season. With the amount of space saved, you can go on a spring or fall shopping spree.

Commercial/Office Storage

Storage containers are a great way to make more space in a business. When you are ready to store business equipment and business supplies. a moving and storage company will deliver your chosen size storage container to your location. You can load the container at your pace. You can keep the container on-site or have it delivered to a secure storage centre.  The company will return the container when you make a request. Whether your business requires short term or long term storage, storage containers are the ideal commercial storage solution.

When organizing your storage container, it is helpful to keep items that you may access frequently at the front of the storage container. For better ventilation, leave a a couple of inches of space between the walls of the storage container and your items. Also, stack similarly sized boxes together and put the heavy boxes on the bottom and the lighter boxes on top. Mattresses should be placed so they are positioned straight up and you can shrink wrap a mattress for added protection. By taking care when you store your items, you can ensure better protection of your belongings. With a storage container, you can fill it up at your own pace and schedule. As well,  using these containers eliminates multiple trips to your local storage facility.


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