A Cheap Way to Beat the Moving Blues

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January 29, 2013 by storageandmovers

Congratulations–you’re moving! But before you run out to your local office supply store to buy a fresh supply of 90% Imagepost-consumer recycled packing boxes, take a moment to tap into these 100% post-consumer resources. With a little planning and effort, your move can be a little green while saving you a little green.

5 Ways to Find Cheap or Free Boxes:

1) Your Home
The boxes you need might just be in your (figurative) backyard, especially if you’ve lived in the same place for any extended amount of time. Do a little rummaging, and if all else fails, you may be able to repurpose other kinds of containers to use as your “boxes.” Get creative and you may discover everything that you need right at home.

2) Your University/College
More than one of my friends has had reason to thank their school for the free boxes they ended up using to move. Any place that offers students physical goods has to bring in inventory, and where there’s inventory, there are sure to be boxes. The boxes may be slated for recycling, but some establishments leave them where students can grab what they need first. The boxes get reused and it saves them a trip to the recycling bin.

3) Your Job
If your job receives packages you have a chance at cheap or free boxes. It could be as simple as asking your shipping/receiving department for a few or offering to pay a small fee to defray the loss of their recycling profits. Whether your company lets you have them for free or at an employee discount, it will still be cheaper than buying them at retail value.

4) Your friends
Friends move too, so ask them if they have spare boxes or know of any people or places where you can get them cheaply or for free. Don’t just limit yourself to your face-to-face friends, either: Social networks can be your best friend. Most if not all of us can sympathize with what you’re going through and are willing to help out a fellow mover, personal or otherwise, in need.

5) Your moving company!
Since you’re already paying them to help you move, check to see what kind of deals they have on boxes and other supplies. Some companies will offer value add-ins to attract customers to their services. Translation: the company gets your business, you get help with your move, AND you get cheap or free boxes. It’s a win-win-win (two wins for you)!

And remember…
This is a great time to reduce the clutter in your life. If you don’t understand the purpose of the thing you’re looking at or have already learned how to live without it, get rid of it. Sometimes you don’t need more boxes — you need less stuff. But if you’re ready to pack up what you’ve got and go, get creative! Use what you and others have, and with a little effort, moving doesn’t have to be a complete drain on your resources.


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